{The Nest Can Cook} DIY Marinated Fetta

So, without naming names, someone very special to me LOVES fetta. She stumbled across some ‘marinated dukkah fetta’ recently when we went away and now can’t let it go. We can’t find it ANYWHERE so I am endeavouring to bombard her with recipes until she starts making her own!


I have found a nice, easy recipe for marinated fetta from Minimally Invasive.

Okay, admittedly it nearly uses your body amount in oil and cheese but, hey, let’s go with it. We all know it is only a sometimes food!


We think this would be fabulous at your next barbecue, imagine being able to tell your guests that you actually MADE the antipasto platter (instead of buying it from the team at Woolies!)

Enjoy Nesters!

{The Nest Can Cook} How about some delicious Easter Bunny Bark?

Looking for something a little bit different this Easter? How about creating your very own Easter Bunny Bark?

Delicious, colourful and fun (and luckily because you are making it for Easter the calories don’t count right?!)

Easter Bunny Bark

You can find the recipe and how-to here -> Easter Bunny Bark

Happy Easter Nesters!


{My Story} 12 weeks body challenge – let’s go!

To be honest it hasn’t really been a problem to me. It isn’t something that has necessary effected my everyday life. Comfortable. Confident. Healthy. Happy.

I know it got worse when I was at uni. Drinking too many nights a week. Eating pizza because it was cheap. Sleeping all day, then working or partying til early hours of the next morning. The cycle continued. Over and over and over.

I think what made it harder to realise was there was never really a time when I wasn’t.  There is no photos after about the age of 12 where I was something else.

Pretty much my whole family fights the same battle. Ingrained in us since birth. Family culture. Not really knowing any different.

We play sport. A lot of sport. Netball, basketball, soccer. No one really believes us though.

It has taken a long time to get to this point. To this realisation that a change should be made. Under no circumstances do I want my girls to morph into overweight versions of themselves.

I see the way my daughter’s look at me. They don’t know any different. They think mummy is perfect. They don’t yet know how you should look or what you should weigh.

My history with healthy eating is varied. I lost 15 kilograms about four years ago. Then the plateau hit. Stronger than any wall of brick. Tougher than any promises of tomorrow. I got stuck. Stuck in a satisfaction rut.

Had a couple of babies. Fluctuated up and down before firmly landing back on plateau land: population me.

It is hard when you are caring for everyone else. Your husband and your babies. Forgetting about yourself.

In reality my history of dieting was committed for day one, then like a little weighty balloon went a little like this:


Never really enjoying it. Never even really committing to it.

So now I have hollered at the team from Michelle Bridges 12WBT for a little help.This is the first step. Here is my chance to get some changes happening.


As I have learnt you are not allowed to reward yourself with food (thank you Pinterest gods for setting me straight on that – see above) I shall instead reward myself with my second favourite vice – Fashion.

Here is my declaration to all my Nest family. If I manage to lose 10 kilograms while on the 12WBT I will reward myself with Ray Bans baby..ray ban2If by some absolute miracle I manage to lose more than that (say about 20) then I envisage this bad boy might be entering my wardrobe of love:

micahel korsI would love to hear from you if you have done the 12WBT program previously or if you are giving it a whirl this round. I would love some support from fellow Nesters who are claiming time for themselves.

If this is something you have even been thinking about why not jump on board and we can give it a go together -> 12WBT invite


{Cook} Let us go go towards the VoVos

So this one time I stumbled across the coolest thing for you to make this Australia Day weekend. Homemade Iced VoVos is where it is at.

Get your little mini-aussies and get your bitchin’ self into the kitchen and cook up these bad boys.


Yum. Delicious. Delightful.

Thank you Womans Day for this genius recipe.

Just remember these are a sometimes food…

Enjoy Nesters!

{Food} Snack on this, and no it’s not a soggy pear or ‘gourmet’ Vegemite sanga..

Some days I am very motivated and my children eat the proper serves of fruit and vegetables a day, drink copious amounts of water and spend the afternoon snacking on organic hummus and carrots. Then, more commonly are the other days where a Vegemite sandwich is turned gourmet because I slap on a slice of Kraft ‘plastic’ cheese and cut it into triangles. one handed

Preparing healthy, delicious and nutritious meals some days is tough but is made easier by the fabulous team at One Handed Cooks.

I can honestly say they have saved my kids from a future of honey on toast and a soggy pear cut into quarters.

They make meals that are easy, practical and completely possible whilst holding a sack of potatoes on your hip (read: unhelpful, teething 10 month old) at the same time as negotiating with toddler bird on the pros and cons of wrapping the cat in toilet paper.

Plus, you now have less of an excuse for baby bird (and the whole family) to eat poorly when out-&-about or snacking. One Handed Cooks have provided a generous list of healthy snacks you can make and take with you. Some of the fabulous choices are:

  1. Edible necklace
  2. Kale chips
  3. Fruit skewers
  4. Roast pumpkin loaf
  5. Quinoa balls
  6. Muesli bars
  7. Apricot coconut balls
  8. Vegetable sausage rolls
  9. Mini spelt pizza
  10. Roast veggie tarts
  11. Meatballs

one handed

I really recommend putting One Handed Cooks into your favourites, for in time your little birdies will thank you for it.

Happy cooking nesters!

{Delicious} Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Soooo, this probably, maybe, definitely isn’t likely to be the best help for any health new years resolutions you have made in the last few days but this was just too pretty/delicious/cute not to share.

33 cakes

Buzzfeed has compiled 33 of the best cakes you are likely to see in a while. You can find the link here -> Buzzfeed – Cutest Cakes of 2013


There is everything from cheesecakes to ombre to gummy bears.

As they say, “If you ever doubt that the world is a beautiful place, just remember: We’ll always have sugar, butter and flour”.


Happy sugar loading Nesters!

{Prizeapolooza} Need some sweetening up this Christmas?

You are either a naturally gifted baker… or you are me. Katrina Tobin is a superstar of the first variety!christmas photoshop small copy

Katrina is a qualified chef who started her business while at home also looking after her three children! She has been making speciality cakes for all occasions for the people of the Central West since 2012.


Cakes by Katrina are not only wonderful to look at, they also back up their appearance with a delicious taste. Your tastebuds will dance once you try one of her cakes (I can personally attend to that!)

Prior to Katrina’s entry into the marketplace, Bathurst did not have a wide variety of cake suppliers who were actually able to deliver awesome handmade-hand-decorated cakes at a reasonable price!

All products are individually designed and tailored specifically to your needs – and the best bit…the absolute magnitude of flavour choices to choose from!


So whenever the need for cakes, cupcakes, biscuits or cake pops strikes (for example every Wednesday at 3.17pm in my office) Katrina is the person who should be on your speed dial!photo 1

You now have an answer for your wedding, engagement or christening cakes! She also offers novelty cakes, cake toppers and the best birthday cakes you have ever seen!

You can contact Cakes by Katrina as follows:

Phone: 0438 442 028

Email: cakesbykatrinatobin@hotmail.com

Website: Coming SOON!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cakesbykatrinatobin


Cakes by Katrina are baking their way into your heart by offering one very special Nester the chance to take home their very own handmade, scrumptious chocolate mud Christmas cake this year (valued at approximately $70.00!) Imagine how much that would impress the in-laws (or out-laws as my hubby-bird calls them!) For your chance to win all you have to do is be a ‘liker’ of Cakes by Katrina’s Facebook page and be a ‘liker’ of The Central Nest!

Perch a bird on your goodies

The smell. The sense of achievement. The delicious calories.

Nothing beats homemade goodies such as cakes and muffins. They taste different to the boxed ones and when you display them beautifully you can appreciate your effort for just a little while longer.

These Nel Lusso Gelato cake stands are beautiful. Available from Lime Tree Kids for $39.95. They would make a great Christmas present (to me, from me). cake stand lime tree kids

Plus – we love the little birdies!

Happy cooking (and shopping) little nesters!

One handed cooks

Making sure your little birds eat well is tough. More often than not, the harder you try the more they resist!
one handed

One Handed Cooks could be your saviour! Their team will inspire you to cook beautifully simple, healthy food for your little birds.

Basically, they are a baby and toddler food blog who share recipes that are all quick and easy to make, leaving you one free hand to wipe a nose, give a cuddle, or feed a hungry child.

Older kids would love the Lamb Kofta Sticks

Older kids would love the Lamb Kofta Sticks

Each nutritious recipe has been lovingly gummed, chewed, picked up, smushed and devoured by their own little birds and now we are lucky enough to have them shared with us!

Our nest uses this site ALL the time and cannot recommend it enough! Go over and check it out www.onehandedcooks.com.au/ you will not regret it!

Why not try the creamy tuna muffins?

Why not try the creamy tuna muffins?

Happy nutritious cooking Nesters!

Hey, hey, Donna Hay

I have a slight obsession with a beautiful and clever brunette who is just the ants pants as far as I am concerned. She can turn everyday boring ingredients into a work of art and teaches somewhat average cooks (read: me) to make food to impress.

My girly crush is on non-other than Donna Hay, but what I didn’t know was that she was now solving my gift giving issues as well! What a superstar.

The Kitchen Starter Kit $129.75

The Kitchen Starter Kit $129.75

Donna Hay now sells hampers that you can send to your nearest and dearest (or to me). What a fabulous idea! Gift giving problem solved!

Brownie Baker Kit $49.95

Brownie Baker Kit $49.95