{The Nest DIY} What better way to say Happy Easter than with ridiculously large paper ears on your loved ones?

So, unless you were born with particularly large ears you may be feeling a little left out this time of year, but rest assured, The Central Nest has got your back (or.. actually ears).

Check out this completely easy, completely cool way to make bunny ears for all the peeps in your life.

Buzzmills have put together an awesome how-to tutorial on how to make Paper Bunny Ears for everyone (even those of us who are as co-ordinated as a Labrador, on ice, wearing mittens) – trust me you can’t stuff this up.

bunny ears tutorial

Happy Easter Nesters!

{The Nest Design Files} Have you Jumbled your stools?

Lately, these have been popping up everywhere. From television design shows, to funky cafes, to hopefully my breakfast bar.

Exploding in colour and functionality they are simply fabulous. Such an easy way to update your design space. jumbledstoolsThe Malmo Bar Stools just exude cool and are available from the wonderful team at Jumbled in Orange.

Happy designing Nesters!

{Love Birds} 23 questions to ask your wedding venue

There is so much to do. So much to think about. So many questions to ask.

You need your wedding day to be the way YOU want it.

We came across this fabulous list from the team at The Wedding Party of questions to ask your reception venue.

questions to ask a wedding venue

Tick, tick, tick.

Makes your job just a little bit easier.

Happy wedding planning Nesters!

{The Nest Cooks} So is this the worst of ideas or simply the most brilliant? Mugs+Microwaves=?

So, I am still internally arguing with myself whether this is the coolest, or actually the worst thing I have found.

Buzzfeed have put together 18 microwave snacks you can cook in a mug – I kid you not.


Now, before you get up on your high-horse of judgment they make everything from quiche to sticky-date pudding… I REPEAT there is sticky-date pudding in a mug in your microwave TONIGHT!

You can see the full list here -> ‘Delicious Snacks in a Mug’nutella

Mmmm - probably need to go for a run now even just looking at that page..

Enjoy Nesters!


{The Nest Design Files} Willow & Wood we would kiss you if we could

Stop what you are doing this instant.

I am about to introduce you to something very special. Not only is this my new latest little crush, but I also just happen to have one piece hanging spectacularly in my own home.

willow & wood

Willow & Wood is a family owned business that was created by the talented design savvy Rebecca Tyndall with the help of her timber craftsman father. She found herself frustrated when unable to locate well-designed, functional wall-hung furniture for her home and realised there was a real gap in the market for some quality pieces.


Willow & Wood create masterpieces that are built by hand, with love and made to last.

Their philosophy is pretty simple they ‘make only QUALITY, HANDCRAFTED and BEAUTIFUL products that we LOVE and that our FRIENDS, FAMILY and hopefully our customers will LOVE too’.


Plus, they are proudly Australian made.

SNAP. Just simply perfect.


You can contact Rebecca and her team at: http://willowandwood.com.au or find them on Facebook – Willow & Wood

We have the gorgeous white maxi organiser hanging in our kitchen and could not be happier with it. We have had so many people comment on their love for it and how practical it is.

We really are glad that we found Willow & Wood and think you will be too..

{Locally found} Bianca Villa in Lithgow is where you should be..

Do yourself a favour and run (don’t walk!) into the gorgeous treasure trove that is Bianca Villa in Lithgow.

Located in Main Street, Lithgow they have wonderful pieces that will make your house feel more like a home and simply just make your heart sing.

Pretty. Practical. Perfect.

bianca villa lithgow

I am personally lusting over the metal lockers. LOVE!

Happy shopping Nesters!

{2014} Let me give you a jar of happiness


I want you to be happy. Some days are crap. That is just life.

So we have found a way to remind you on those it-is-so-crap-being-me-today-so-i-will-just-eat-a-family-size-block-of-fruit-and-nut-chocolate-under-the-doona-and-watch-Judge-Judy-days that you will be okay.

Let us introduce you to the Happy Jar.

photo source: pinterest

photo source: pinterest

I want all Nesters to think about starting one.

It is easy.

What you will need:

  • A jar
  • Some paper
  • A pen
  • Some glitter or other sparkly stuff if you like a little glamour in your happy jar
  • Some happiness

Each day/week/month you write down on a little piece of paper your happy moment from that day. It can be something huge like ‘seeing my sister cuddle her newly born son’ to ‘I didn’t spill wine on my shirt at dinner’. It doesn’t matter. It just just has to be a happy moment in YOUR life.

The happy jar is to be used on those yukky life days when you need to be reminded just how great life can be. Sometimes a little note to yourself from yourself can help.

Let 2014 be the year to make yourself happy.

photo source: pinterest

photo source: pinterest

Trust me, one day in the not too distant future you will have wished you started one.


{Make this} Leather wrapped vase

I love the idea of DIY but I am one of the least creative, ridiculously uncoordinated people who have ever stomped across the planet. creature confrots leather

So when I find a quick, easy(ish) way to decorate your home using basic supplies I get a wee bit excited. Creature Comforts Blog have put together the perfect little weekend task.

DIY Leather-wrapped Vases and Votive Holders.

They are pretty. Delightful. Do-able.

You can find the full instructions over with the brilliant, clever people at Creature Comforts.

pencils creature comforts

Happy making Nesters!

The right kind of plank

Sometimes the most simple ideas are simply the best. I want this for our nest. Simple. Clever. Beautiful.

Got a papa-bird who has a couple of free hours on the weekend? Why not ask him to throw together this wood bookrest?

Put together using a plank of wood and casters from any hardware store!


Photo source: Pinterest

Photo source: Pinterest