{This if life} Daddy is home, I might just explode with excitement!

If you want your cheeks to hurt and your insides to explode with cluckiness then grab a cuppa and check out this video.

Showcasing the beautiful reactions of little birdies when their daddy comes home. It is pure joy all squished up in very adorable little packages.

screen grab baby

Enjoy Nesters!


{Locally Found} Dressed For School can outfit your kid

Dressed for School is a locally run website helping mums and dads find school uniforms for their little birdies.

Stocking basics for the Catholic Primary Schools of the local Diocese, Dressed for School should be your first port of call.

Their goal is to help local familes access competitively priced, quality schoolwear from the comfort of your very own home.

school uniforms

You can contact Dressed for School on: 1300 89 35 37

or send them an email to admin@dressedforschool.com.au,

or alternatively their website is: http://dressedforschool.com.au

Happy shoppping Nesters!

{Girl Crush Tuesday} The Hilarious Ms Swan

We have some pretty hard girl crushes. These are the types of ladies that stamp their style on the world. They are the type of people that will always be remembered and little girls grow up wanting to be. They are women of substance.  Women that make the world a better place. Happy Girl Crush Tuesday everybody.

line4Chrissie Swan is our imaginary best mate. It is as simple as that. She actually doesn’t know it yet, but it’s true.

Being that she is hilarious (and we are into that you know) and doesn’t seem to take much crap, she really is someone we really admire.

A well-loved Australian radio and television personality, she exudes confidence, wittiness and general hilarity in everything she does. She is honest, passionate and thoughtful.

Chrissie is just good people. She lets everyone know that there is not one particular tiny little box that you need to fit into if you want to be happy.

Somehow she balances three children, a husband and a very successful career. She is a perfect example that through commitment, perseverance and pure hard work, you really can have it all.

Thank you Chrissie for showing all little girls that individuality is the new normal.

Sources: SMH, AWW, Mamamia, Newscorp, Watercooler

Sources: SMH, AWW, Mamamia, Newscorp, Watercooler


{Great Pieces} How can I do, I do, without you? The best way to ask is with WordsETC

By far one of the most beautiful ways we have EVER seen of asking a beautiful friend to be your bridesmaid.

It is an honour, a privilege so you may as well give them a lifelong keepsake.

Enter the fabulous team at WordsETC. A local business with talent to boot!i do without you

These are made using recycled card and have matching envelopes. O, I DIE!

You can find more information about these wonderful products on Facebook – ‘WordsETC’ or on their website at http://www.wordsetc.com.au/

Enjoy Nesters!

{The Nest Buys} Want to make shopping for little ones just a little bit easier?

Do you have a little one’s birthday coming up? or perhaps a christening or other celebration? Are you running a little late on time and/or ideas?

Then I may have found your saviour. The clever team at Nell and Oll have done all the hard work for you.

They categorise their products so you can buy all-in-one gifts depending on price and occasion!

Here are some examples of their 1st birthday collections:


Or for the boys:


For your little superhero:


Or for your princess:


Happy shopping Nesters!

{This is life} Sweet & Sour Babies

Okay, so sometimes I am a terrible human being and find slightly inappropriate things funny. Like, take for example, babies eating lemons.

Look, quite simply, it is hilarious. Well, it was until my second baby-bird just happily ate lemons, that was way less exciting.

Amazingly enough, someone, somewhere in the world also finds babies eating lemons entertaining, so much so they went to actual effort to compose a video.

It is well worth the watch.

Here is a teaser of some of the little mites faces:




Enjoy Nesters!

{The Nest Can Cook} Easter Cake Off Peeps!

With absolutely no guarantee of success we present to you, Easter cakes 101.

We have found a collection of fabulous cakes celebrating Easter that you can make for your family and friends.

Just click on the picture to find the recipe!

coming up carrots

Or if cupcakes aren’t your thing why not try a bunny cake?

bunny cake

Or perhaps you prefer the more traditional carrot cake (but in cute individual serves!)

easter cakes

Happy Easter Nesters!

{Life Hack Friday} Folding your scarf is a laugh..

Its getting cold in here, lets put on more clothes..

Tying a long scarf can be a real pain in the mittens – then we stumbled across this little beauty.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Happy winter Nesters!

{To Do} Master some time this weekend

If you are looking for something to entertain the little birdies (and possibly buy yourself some new shiny things) then why not pop down to Masters Bathurst this weekend?


Happy gardening/renovating/painting/etc Nesters!

{The Nest Hearts Clothes} Want a cheat sheet to what happened at Fashion Week?

So, if you want to be one of the cool kids standing around the proverbial water cooler discussing the who, what, where wear of the 2014 Australian Fashion Week then this is for you.

Vogue – Fashion Blogger Test Drives the Best of Australian Fashion Week.


It spells out a pretty decent overview of the looks, styles and ideas that graced the collections this year.

Hats off to the very clever Tanja Gacic of My Empirical Life for this wonderful piece.


Enjoy Nesters!