The Central West is an amazing place. Especially for raising a family. The idea behind this site was to create a place for you to come and relax and to see what goes on around here. A place to showcase and discuss living in the Central West (as well as many great things from around the world).


I am 30, married and a mother. I am a student. A legal clerk. Try-hard photographer. Amateur cook. Shopping addict and Channing Tatum’s wardrobe consultant (okay maybe not). I am well spoken in the language of sarcasm and am proud to say that on most days, I am fairly sane. Or at least functional.bug

I am happy to say that the wonderful team at BONDS have allowed me to be a guest blogger for them so if you want to see some of my work feel free to head over and check out their wonderful site!

On a personal level, my husband makes my heart smile. He is the bacon to my eggs. While we are good separately, we just go better together. We are lucky enough to have two daughters who really are the bees knees and the ants pants (not that you can smell the stench of parental bias in that statement).  My three-year old is a spirited firecracker who believes that unless you are wearing a fancy dress costume, you are not properly attired. She is independent, fierce and caring. My darling one year is a confetti mix of contradictions. She is loud and shy, funny and thoughtful. Plus she licks lino for fun.

My husband runs and owns his own business and we are happily building our lives in the Central West but I wanted to know more, more to do, more to buy, more to see. Hence, this page being born.


I love hearing from you. If you know of a local business, product or person that more people should know about make sure you contact us!

We are always up for a chat, (or really any type of adult conversation that doesn’t include mashed food or a sudocream-v-powder discussion).

kayana copy

Please enjoy. Please comment. Please love the nest.

You can shoot us an email at: centralwestnest@outlook.com  or come visit us on Facebook.

Please note: All opinions on The Central Nest are my own. You are welcome to have them if you like. You know, if that’s what you’re into.

check us out on facebook!

check us out on facebook!

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